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On my ideal Saturday I would wake up early and watch the sunrise somewhere by the water over a cup of coffee. I am super dazed and unaware of things in the morning which makes for some really exciting and ground-breaking conversations between me and God. Then I would go home and my mom and I would make a big waffle breakfast (waffles are better than pancakes) for my family. It would also be gluten-free because my stomach is very much against the consumption of wheat. Then in the afternoon I would go on a hike with my friends and we would play spikeball on the top of the mountain. On the way home I’d take a trip to my favorite coffee shop, Pinky’s, for their amazing jamaican roast. I’d read a good book while I drink coffee and maybe play some cards. I would take a pre-dinner nap to prepare for the amount of food I will be consuming. For dinner I’d make some tacos and guac and eat with all my friends while we watch the sunset. Then I would take an especially long drive to find ice cream while listening to primarily throwback songs, my personal favorite being China Anne McClain’s Calling All the Monsters. Finally to finish the day off, I would play four to a couch with my family and friends (the most fun game ever,if you would like to know the rules you now have my number and I would play anytime).

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