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holy grounds

Coffee is a common ground (coffee pun not intended). Personally, coffee is something that connects me to my family. My family members are not believers so oftentimes coffee is my gateway to intentional conversation. My mom will not do anything before having her morning coffee, so bringing her coffee in the morning has been a sweet time for me to connect with her and make her feel loved. Because being a believer has changed me so much, I now have a lot less in common with my mom than I used to. Having that time with her allows me to stay connected to her when the distance in beliefs can easily foster a harsh disconnect. It lets me serve her in a seemingly small way. I also have a coffee chat with my friends who go to different colleges. We all send our favorite new coffee orders and unique coffee shops in Dallas or Asheville or Richmond. This often leads to conversation of how we are doing so if my best friend drank three cups today, I’m gonna know she could maybe use a call from someone familiar. Coffee connects me to the people I don’t see everyday in a very uncertain phase of life. It gives me an avenue to make them feel loved from states away.

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