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I am a follower. Being a follower of Christ is humility. It is realizing how broken you are and how you cannot fix it. It is a very overwhelming, yet comforting thought. It is realizing I don’t deserve the blessing I was given and my life is not about me. I was not raised in the christian faith so becoming a follower of Christ has drastically changed my life. Before coming to know Jesus, I held the weight of the world on my shoulders. I had crippling anxiety, striving to exceed all expectations imposed on me. I was angry at the world for allowing bad things to leave my family broken and struggling to find hope. Accepting Jesus has given me a hope that has changed every part of me and I want everyone to experience that. Now I believe that the joy of heaven outweighs any sorrow of earth. I do not need to do it all. I didn’t deserve what Jesus has given to me and nothing I could do would ever change that. He took my place even though nothing in me is good, and if I did nothing more on this earth Jesus would still love me more than I can comprehend. I am incapable of earning it because his love is not like anything on earth. I am broken, the world is broken, but he is the light that can heal the brokenness. Jesus picked up every burden I had been carrying and the joy and purpose I now have is something I cannot wait to thank Jesus for face to face when we meet. I want everyone to be able to know that the weight of the world is not on their shoulders, they are loved, they are worthy of joy because God loves them more than they could comprehend. I see the difference the hope of Jesus can give in my family. I have a joy I want them to experience so badly, a hope they have not yet realized. I know that all I do on earth is part of the eternal game. The hurt and sorrow of earth can be turned to good in the eternal game. For those who love God, ALL things will work together for good. In describing the new creation, Revelation 21 says, “The city lies foursquare, its length the same as its width. And he measured the city with his rod, 12,000 stadia.” There is room for everyone. I want to be a reflection of Christ to everyone I meet because there IS a spot for them and I want to make sure I do all I can as a vessel of God to get them there.

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